What makes FRETX awesome?

FRETX is a smart device that attaches to any guitar and shows you with lights the spot to place
your fingers so you can play the songs you love without reading music notation.
Some of the cool things FRETX does, explained down here:



No matter what kind of guitar you have - electric, acoustic or flamenco - you can attach FRETX to it. Our product is universal.


Sound Recognition & Feedback

We've got you covered. FRETX tells you how you're playing and gives you immediate feedback so you can learn at your own pace.

Share progress with friends

Show your facebook friends how good you are at playing the guitar. You may also like to meet up and play some music together.

Android and iOS support

FRETX app will be available for both Android and iOS devices. Full performing apps will be released after our Kickstarter campaign.

MusicXML & MIDI support

FRETX is compatible with the most common music formats Music XMLs and MIDI, so you can upload your songs.


it's teacher friendly

FRETX is here to make a music learning revolution. Teachers and students will be able to share their exercises.