Ever seen the machine that builds the FRETX? It’s awesome!

The Steps To Producing Your FRETX

From the very beginning, we went through a lot of modifications. Manufacturing FRETX, like many other electronic devices, is an involved and complicated process with many steps to be completed along the way. We go to great lengths to ensure that quality is prioritized throughout the manufacturing process.

Quality from start to finish

FRETX devices are manufactured at the factory in Shenzhen, China where we currently employ 17 people.

Evolution of our device development has led to the fact that we launched a new manufacturing lot. In this video, you can see this manufacturing lot in action.

Quality Control Testing

In the testing process, we ensure that every unit of FRETX is handled and quality controlled by hand. Our production process involves painstakingly crafting every detail to produce unrivaled quality.

At the moment, we haven’t only come up with the best version, but this also has allowed us to create a sustainable business where FRETX devices are made only in big batches.

We’re so excited to have automated manufacturing process, and can’t wait to deliver your package!

To us, there’s nothing more valuable!

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