FRETX Integration with UBERCHORD

Installation and pairing of hardware and application.

 From February 2018 we are bringing FRETX to a new platform level by combining our device with Uberchord App for guitar learning and speeding up the guitar learning process to the maximum.

  This solution is now available for iOS users (iPad + iPhone) only.

   Start using the integration is as easy as playing 'Happy Birthday' on guitar :)

First, make sure your FRETX Device is installed on your guitar and turned 'ON'

    Then, download the Uberchord App from the Apple Store.
    Uberchord Apple Store
    Follow the Login Instructions and tap on 'Profile' button located on the bottom-right corner of the learning screen.

    Picture 2 Uberchord FRETX

      Select the 'Gear Icon' located on top - left of the following screen.
      Picture 3 - Settings Uberchord FRETX

      Go to 'Partners' Section and activate FRETX Support.

      activate Uberchord FRETX

      FRETX UBERCHORD Activated

      And that's it!  Start learning with this awesome combination of Hardware and Software!

      Go to Support Page.