Music Revolution on French TV

Music Revolution on French TV

I can’t believe that French TV said all this about FRETX! Check out the video below!

What an amazing video!

I wanted you to see that together we have started a revolution.

FRETX devices are changing the music industry for the better!

It’s so great for French TV to say all these kind things about FRETX and our community. But what’s more important to me is what you’re saying!

Here are some comments from guitar lovers in the FRETX club:

“The product works exactly like the videos, the lights are very bright and you don’t even realize it’s on the fret board. It is a blast for me as a starting over beginner. Even my wife was impressed and that was a real shocker. (ha-ha). As for the product I feel it is very well made, the packing was good and simple to install. I would imagine there will be some changes due this being the first generation and look forward to future upgrades and products. Well keep up the great word and development, looking forward to may hours of fun being a FRETTER using my FRETX. “ - Tony V (New Jersey, USA)

“l love my fretx . I Have an app on my mobile phone” - SlangJohn Turner, Nottingham

These guitar lovers are making the FRETX revolution a reality.

Talk soon,